In  I Timothy 2:1-4 Paul exhorts Timothy to pray for all men. It is interesting that he tells Timothy FIRST of ALL supplications, prayers, intercessions & giving of thanks should be made for all men.  If you have not prayed for your leaders and those in authority over you then stop reading this, stop worrying about which person or party has authority, and start praying for them.  Ultimately, as mentioned in verse 4, the Lord wants to see all men saved.  While this thought may be difficult to fathom when we see the wickedness that is ever present in this world first and foremost we need to make intercession for all men.

Dr. Charles Harding says, "You will either pray out if determination or desperation".

Have you prayed for your leaders?

Welcome to Christians for Constitutional Awareness. We are excited about what God is doing in our country.  An amazing thought to consider today is that when our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence they were not only declaring independence from Britian; they were declaring DEPENDENCE upon GOD ALMIGHTY!


Our Founding Fathers did not subscribe to the idea of Separation of God from Government. Quite the contrary they knew and proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence that they were fully reliant on God's provision, protection and prosperity as they sought to create a new nation.